Who Are We?

I'm Len, and the creator and frequent user of the Anywhere Arm Rest. I've traveled across the country for the past 20 years for business and personal reasons and racked up a lot of frequent flier miles. As a tall man fitting into a seat that is about 17 inches wide with 31 inches of legroom is a challenge. Whether I'm traveling on a plane or utilizing public transit to get into the city, being comfortable and catching some sleep has always been a painful endeavor. Towards that end, I created the Anywhere Arm Rest out of self-preservation for my shoulders and back, not to say my need to sleep on a cross-continental flight. After years of perfecting the design, learning how the body works to ensure the most ergonomic position is reached for everyone, and bending over a sewing machine for the many iterations, I'm bringing my solution to you as well.